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Vietnam P*rno Press

Que faire lorsqu'on est journaliste au Vietnam et que par faute de prendre des risques, on manque d'inspiration?
Hm? Bonne question, tres simple, faites du social, aller voir dans les moeurs, mais pas trop car la cen--bip--re, qui originalement prévaut pour les sujets propre a la demo-bip-tie, peut frapper a tout moment lorsque qu' il sagit de remettre a jours les chiffres de la prost--bip--tion au Vietnam ou parler de la vie decadande de certain(e)s citadins et de --bip-bip-bip!;).

Bref faites dans le p*rno press, en débutant évidements par des préliminaires, extraits:

Businessman’s frequent infidelity

With a nice wife, nice children and a nice house right at the centre of Hanoi, what Dung (name changed), a director of a tourism agency, has always makes relatives envious. He kept himself immaculate until one day when he took part in a business party with good wine and good long-legged girls. That night was the first one in 10 he didn’t’ come home. The saying “In youth no play, in age only decadence” is well applied to Mr. Dung.
This director frankly said he is currently having 3 girl friends. His opinion is that these "younger sisters” are to add a little flavor to tasteless life, share private passions and business headaches with him. After 20 years of marriage, his wife has been too used to his promiscuity to be jealous, only demanding him to be a responsible father. Yet, having 3 girlfriends at the same time is not an easy business. Sometimes, employees at his company witness the 3 women coming to his office to "demand a clear explanation.”[...]

Inside massage shops in Hanoi:
[...] Not only in restaurants and shops, but questionable massage is pervasive even in big hotels in Hanoi. Thịnh, a regular massage customer, said that massage services at expensive hotels are delivered at two levels: VIP costs from 250,000 to 500,000/hour and a minimum tip of 200,000; and the common one is 150,000 to 200,000/hour with at least 100,000 in tip.

"Coming for a massage?” asked the guard at a 3-star hotel on Nguyen Cong Tru Street, smiling, showing the guest to the elevator and saying, “The 7th floor.” Different from inexpensive message shops, the massage place in this hotel has 10 rooms, each of which is 6 to 7 m2. There is also a separate spa. Without a blush, the massage woman named Hoa smiled and asked the customer as he entered the room, “Do you want me to massage your front or rear part?”

This Tuyen Quang girl said, “One has to do that in the profession. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Everybody wants to ‘relax.' People who want serious massages don’t come here.”[...]

Source:Vietnam Net

Au moins ou pourra pas leur reprocher de ne pas faire de l'investigation, mais franchement, ils pensaient nous apprendre un truc de neuf avec leur articles de touche-pipi?

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