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Traits de la cuture Vietnamienne par VNN

Vietnam Net a publier un article, que certains d’entre vous ont peut être déjà lu.
L’article "décrit" en grandes lignes des traits de caractères propres a la culture Vietnamienne avec la forme et le verbe, 2 critères essentiels lorsqu’on aborde les critiques (domaine auquel je ne suis pas douer, voilà la raison pourquoi j’ai préfère ne plus évoquer mes opinions ) .
Je trouve l’article bon, dans la mesure ou je partage l’avis avec certains points mentionnes, et mauvais, dans la mesure ou je ne supporte pas qu’on puisse donner une définition littérale et toute faite a propos d’un peuple (une race?), chose qui s'acoquine avec le nationalisme, et ce dernier qui copine sans grand mal mais avec tous les maux au racisme.

Bon papier mais point noir a noter lorsque l’auteur ecrit : As for solidarity and the ability to work in groups, one often hear such satirical sentences as “3 Russians are equal to one Jew; three Jews equal one Vietnamese, but 3 Vietnamese are equal to…” […]
Combien y a t’il eu de Juifs ayant fouler le territoire pour avoir le sujet de fond de cette satire ?

Ca me rappelle que Matt demandait dernièrement quels étaient les caractères propres a la culture hanoienne.

Bref, extrait, je vous conseille de lire, et revenez ici si vous avez l'envie de venir donner votre avis sur le sujet .

Vietnam Net : Vietnam needs to look at herself before flying

100 years ago, in a book called The Brief History of Vietnam, first published in 1921, author Tran Trong Kim painted the following portrait of the Vietnamese people:

"In intellect and personality, Vietnamese people have both good and bad points. In general, they are clear-minded, quick to understand things, dexterous, creative, and fond of knowledge, politeness, and ethics; they live according to the 5 principles: kindness, dedication to good causes, politeness, intelligence and trustworthiness.

However, they are cunning, and often mock others. They are usually timid, easy to be frightened, and love peace, but on the battlefields, they have courage and discipline. They are superficial, reckless, impatient, boastful, and fond of fame, entertainment and gambling. They are superstitious and like worshipping but don’t follow any particular religion. Though arrogant and boastful, they are kind-hearted and grateful to acts of kindness…”


Cunning, pushy, superficial and lacking solidarity

A foreign journalist commented thus about the Vietnamese, “You are very smart (and he cited examples of Vietnamese students winning high prizes at international contests as well as Vietnamese people’s IQ index), but you seem to be smart only in small things! When facing momentous things, you still keep your short-sighted opinions, so often jeopardise great goals and lose opportunities.”

Perhaps, more importantly, the “cunning tradition” seems be developed into an “art of life.” An overseas Vietnamese once said, “I’m so surprised at the tendency to jostle of the Vietnamese. When they take the train or the bus, they still push each other though every one has a ticket with the seat number.” Also according to this person, the Vietnamese people are “one of the most curious peoples” in the world. For instance, as soon as 2 Hondas scratch each other on the street, throngs of people will gather to watch.

If one wants to witness how the Vietnamese cunningness and jostling tendency demonstrated in real life, one only needs to buy a ticket to a buffet at any restaurant or hotel. What strikes one’s eyes is the image of people jostling each other to take as much as possible of their favorite food, only half of which will be eaten.

What’s about “superficial"? Superficiality is evident in the endless races for degrees, wealth and fame very common among the people who believe themselves the “upper class”.


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