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Revue de presse: De Vinci qu'illumine en se frottant le ventre... au Vietnam

J’ai fait un peu le tour de la presse cet apres midi, on evite ce qui pourrait faire mal et on va se détendre avec 2 articles de TN : Le premier avec un mec qui dit qu’ il a une « autre vraie version » du dernier repas du Christ peint par De Vinci:

Vietnamese man claims to own another Last Supper by Leonardo (Thanh Nien)

[…]Nguyen Van Luong, 49, a resident of Cai Be town in the Mekong River Delta, says the painting, 1.17 meter by 0.62 meter, 1 cm thick, and weighing 8.5 kg, could have been bought by his late father from a French military officer in the first half of the 20th century when the latter was in Vietnam, most probably when the two countries were at war.
His father, Nguyen Van Hanh, was a well-known art collector in his days.
Luong claims the nodules are made of glass and are a kind of ‘Da Vinci code’ that the painter, who he persistently claims is Da Vinci, must have used to convey some hidden meaning. Dan Brown has claimed in his recent best-selling book The Da Vinci Code that the original Last Supper contains a clue to one of Christianity’s darkest secrets.
“All these make me sure this painting was done in the Renaissance period when Da Vinci lived,” Luong tells Thanh Nien.

He says da Vinci excelled in chemistry and liked to infuse both chemistry and glass in his art. Leonardo is widely considered the most extraordinary figure of the Renaissance period and among the greatest geniuses of all time.

Les voies de Brown sont impénétrables n'est ce pas? Pour changer de sujet, on va dans le paranormal. Apres la petite qui avait les cheveux qui fumaient, voici donc un groupe de people qui arrivent a produire de la lumière en frictionnant leur estomac :

Self-illuminators’ no supernatural phenomenon: scientists (Thanh Nien)

Several “self-illumination” cases were reported in late January in Duc Hoa district and Tan An town, 50km southwest of Ho Chi Minh City.

Even the head of Long An’s Department of Science and Technology, Truong Phuc Thuan, has made light emanate from his chest by rubbing it.


Moi je dis juste que l'annee commence deja bien !!!^o^

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